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Welcome to our site (maybe)

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porchchairsWelcome to, a blog by Ian and Steve. This is our place to rant, vent, criticize, and otherwise express our opinions.  For the most part, this is where we’ll be expressing our frustration and making overall complaints about the stupidity of others. Perhaps you’ll appreciate our sarcasm and find as much humor in our musings as we do.

Perhaps not.

We realize that some of you may find us obnoxious, or perhaps even a bit too arrogant. That’s okay; you’re entitled to your opinion.  In case you didn’t realize it yet, we obviously have quite a few opinions of our own. If don’t find us funny or entertaining, then don’t read our blog. We’re sure there’s plenty of other crap on the Internet that might interest you.  Or better yet, write your own blog, where you can say what you want to hear.

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