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Pet Peeve #11:
Coins do not go on top of bills

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Although I haven’t actually calculated it, I’d guess about 50% of the time when I receive change from a cashier they hand me the bills then attempt to place any coins carefully on top of the bills. Excuse me, but what’s wrong with these people?

You would think that as they watched some of the coins slip off and fall to the floor they just might realize it would be so much easier to put the coins in my hand first, and then the bills. You would think this is something they would eventually learn. Sadly, I don’t think they ever will.

In addition, placing the coins on top of the bills virtually guarantees that I’ll need two hands to put away my change. If I’m holding bills in one hand and balancing coins on top of them, how am I supposed to put them away like that? Especially if I’ve got a hot cup of coffee in the other hand?

It’s simple: when giving change you should ALWAYS give the coins first, then the bills.

July 17, 2009 | Posted by Ian | Permalink | 7 Comments
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