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Pet Peeve #13:
Bluetooth headsets are not fashion statements

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Bluetooth is great. I love using a headset without wires. Better yet, the built-in bluetooth system in my car is very, very slick. But what I just can’t understand is why so many people insist on wearing their bluetooth headsets all the time, as if it were some sort of fashion statement.

I’m sorry, but wearing that stupid headset does not make you look more important, no matter what you think when you look in the mirror. In fact, when you’re not on a phone call, wearing the headset makes you look like a complete idiot.

The other day I was in a restaurant and a man walked in wearing his Bluetooth headset. He never took it off and wore it throughout his entire meal. However, it was worse than just that…it continued to blink its very bright, very annoying blue LED status indicator the entire time. It wasn’t bad enough that he looked like a dork, but he needed a beacon to alert everyone of his presence.

Besides, for the most part, none of them are comfortable enough to wear all the time, so why would you want to do that anyway?

July 18, 2009 | Posted by Ian | Permalink | 4 Comments
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