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Pet Peeve #12:
Don’t button the top shirt button

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When you’re wearing a polo shirt (or a golf shirt or tennis shirt, if you prefer to call it that), please do NOT button the top button,  especially if it fits tight against your neck. True, there may be some specially-styled shirts which are purposely designed to look good with the top button closed, but for most shirts that’s not the case. By the way, this also holds true for a dress shirt (also known as a button-up, button-down or button-front shirt), when you’re not wearing a tie.

The button is really only there for two purposes: (1) To allow the shirt to hang properly on a hanger, and (2) to allow the collar to be fully closed when it is worn with a tie.

Since you’re not wearing a polo shirt with a tie (we certainly hope not), and we assume you’ve removed the hanger from the shirt before putting it on, leave that damn top button open.

Seriously, it just makes no sense to button it, and it makes you look like a complete dork.

July 17, 2009 | Posted by Ian | Permalink | 2 Comments
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