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Pet Peeve #17:
The Tip Jar

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The Tip JarIn recent years it seems there is a tip jar just about everywhere you go.

It was always my impression that a tip should be provided in exchange for excellent service, typically from a food establishment or other service type business. More importantly, I just thought it was well understood by all that tipping is done when you are actually receiving personal service from someone. Usually the people we tip are getting paid very little.

I am typically a generous tipper in restaurants, almost always providing 18-20% of the bill, as well as where appropriate such as at a bar, in a taxi cab, valet parking, etc. However, I am not appreciating the prevalence of tip jars in almost every retail establishment these days!

Do I tip the kid that throws a scoop of ice cream in a cup for me?

Do I tip the lady that smears some cream cheese on my bagel?

Do I tip the person that takes my money for a small purchase in a retail shop?

To make matters worse, the store clerk typically throws a few bucks in the jar to make us THINK others are tipping them for these trivial services. Are they trying to make us feel guilty for not tipping? Of course they are.

I have a job and provide excellent service to my customers, and I have NEVER expected a tip for doing my job.

I say NO to all the tip jars! I’m tired of everyone looking for a little something extra for doing their job.

August 26, 2015 | Posted by Steve | Permalink | 1 Comment
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Pet Peeve #16:
Narcissistic Vegetarianism

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Quite often, I encounter those who have chosen to live life as a vegetarian, and unfortunately, see it as their mission to ensure that all others do so as well.

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Pet Peeve #15:
Newspaper Delivery 101

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I have discovered that there is a much greater issue with newspapers than who writes for them, or what story they “scoop” before the other guys. It’s all in the delivery…

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August 20, 2009 | Posted by Steve | Permalink | Leave a comment
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Pet Peeve #14:
Ginormous is NOT a real word

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I refuse to accept that “Ginormous” is a word. I know Merriam-Webster added it to their dictionary in 2007, but it still sounds comical. In my book, it’s still not a real word…

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July 19, 2009 | Posted by Ian | Permalink | 22 Comments
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Pet Peeve #13:
Bluetooth headsets are not fashion statements

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Bluetooth is great. I love using a headset without wires. But what I just can’t understand is why so many people insist on wearing their bluetooth headsets all the time, as if it were some sort of fashion statement…

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July 18, 2009 | Posted by Ian | Permalink | 4 Comments
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