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What are the pet peeves?

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This is the topic which launched this blog. You see, so many idiotic things other people do really irritate us. And while you may at first think this is not a positive attitude to take, we see it quite differently. Instead of letting it get us truly upset, we try hard to find the humor in the stupidity of others.  You might not agree with all our peeves (and unfortunately we really do have a lot), but we’re sure you’ll find quite a few that get under your skin too.

Before this list is started, however, we want to state for the record that although they are numbered, the pet peeves will be in no particular order. Well, that’s not 100% accurate — they’re going to be numbered in the order in which we enter them in our blog.  Obviously, those we thought of first are probably much higher on our list of things that annoy us, but don’t assume one item bugs us more than another due to the number it is assigned.

Despite the fact that we explained this lack of priority or any real significance to the numbering of the pet peeves, we expect we’ll get suggestions from others about how to re-order the list.  That in itself should be entertaining as well, and might even make it one day as an item on the list itself.

So, what’s your pet peeve?

(In case you don’t get it, that question was  rhetorical, and thus we don’t need any comments for this post)

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